Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a competitive event?

No, absolutely not. The event is designed to be a fun ride with no competitive aspect. You can ride as slow as you like and stop as often as you like (as long as you come home before dark). We expect you to have a fun ride with no pressure.

How hard is the ride? What experience do I need to ride the event?

This event is aimed at all off-road dirt bike riders of any ability. The loops consist of 3 difficulty levels. There are shared sections which are designed to be ridden by all skill levels so can be challenging for the casual trail rider but there’s no rush and there’s plenty of sweep riders to help if you need it. Then there are separate and clearly marked hard and easy sections. Experienced riders and those looking to test themselves can take the hard sections and the easy sections are there if you don’t feel confident or are a bit knocked up. The beginning of these sections are clearly marked and so is the point where they come together again so if you’re riding with mates you can split up and then get back together at the next section join.

What is the layout of the trails?

Beginning in 2017 there are now three loops (North loop, South loop and West loop). The North and South Loops should be between 50 – 60km’s in length and the West Loop around 30km’s. All loops are made up of a variety of single wheel trails and fire roads throughout the Sunny Corner State Forest.

How long does it take to ride the loops?

This depends on many variables such as rider ability, weather conditions, how many times you want to stop for a yarn, drink, rest, photo, or to water the horse. It also depends on whether you ride all of the hard sections, all of the easy sections, or a combination of both. Anywhere between 2 and 3 hours could be expected.

What facilities are provided at the main start area?

There are virtually unlimited camping areas in the forest. A local school provides a food and drink van and we provide portable toilet facilities (dedicated male and female). There’s a bon-fire on Saturday night, a live band and an LED screen showing a variety of video clips or TV events.

What measures are in place for rider safety?

We want everyone to have a great weekend ride and to be safe. So, we do the following.

  • The trails are clearly marked with highly visible arrows so as to minimise the risk of getting lost
  • A marker is placed every two kilometres along the trails. These markers can be used as a reference when trying to describe a point along the trail.
  • We issue each rider with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. This tag is “read” when the rider rides through the start gate of the loop, and again when the rider rides through the finish gate at the end of the loop. This helps us to keep track of any rider that may be overdue during the day.
  • There are two 4WD ambulances manned with fully trained paramedics stationed at the start/finish throughout the event.
  • There are plenty of sweep riders circulating on both loops at all times to help and alert of any situations that may arise.
  • There are a number of 4WD recovery vehicles on hand at all times to recover any bikes (or riders) that might need a lift back to the start area.
What do I get for my entry fee?

You get:

  • to ride some of the best trails available to a dirt bike rider
  • to share the experience with your mates and hundreds of other dirt bike riders
  • to experience a great social weekend with trade stalls, a bonfire and live band on the Saturday night, and usually some other entertainment on Saturday and Sunday afternoons
  • a ticket in the draw for any one of our great range of prizes
  • two meal vouchers
  • the satisfaction in knowing that a portion of your entry money is used as a charitable donation
Do I need a licence and does my bike need to be registered?

The event is held in the Sunny Corner State Forest and all roads in the forest are public roads. Every rider must have a current drivers licence that covers the use of a motorcycle.

With regard to registration, every motorcycle must be registered OR have a current “Unregistered Vehicle Permit” (UVP). For details of how to obtain a UVP so that you can ride in our event see this news page.

The local police are notified of the event each year and may attend at any time and at any location. Your licence and bike registration number / UVP are required at the time of entry.

What sort of motorcycle is suitable?

A lot of the trails are quite tight and narrow so large adventure bikes are not suitable. Any decent enduro bike, trail bike, or trials bike could be used.

What should I take with me on the ride?

Firstly, a bike. Make sure that your bike is in a reliable condition and full of fuel. You should carry at least a basic tool kit. A spare tube and inflation kit is optional. We would recommend that you take something to drink and some snacks. A mobile phone may be useful however reception is patchy.

What should I do if I break down, run out of fuel, or get injured or lost?

If you break down, run out of fuel or are injured, stay with your bike and flag down the next rider for assistance or wait until sweep riders come along (there are lots of sweeps so you shouldn’t have to wait long).

If it is necessary for another rider to ride back to report your situation, make sure that he takes note of the nearest two kilometre marker, or any landmarks, so that we can find you easily.

It’s hard to get lost because of the arrows and tracks left by other riders, but if you do find yourself off-track there’s a few tactics to try.

  1. Stop and listen to see if you can hear any other bikes and head in their direction.
  2. There are lots of fire trails through the forest and generally speaking these trails will lead you to a public road or near to private property if you head in one direction (don’t ride around in circles).
  3. If you have a mobile phone head for a high spot and use it.
Where can I get accommmodation?

There is an abundance of hard bed accommodation in the nearby towns.

Try these:

Bathurst –

Lithgow –

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